De regimine principum bonum consilium   (Page 8 of 8)

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(p.108) Sanct dauid sais in haly prophecy
The man is blissit yt dois bayth dome et law
Quhilk quhen he giffis a sentens suthfastly
Gerris execut it for ony mannis aw
Not anerly to seill a nakit saw
For to god it is bot vter dirisioune
A bair sentens but executioune

And be it a sentens of a souueraine lord
Quhilk signifiis sentens superlatife
Quhen dome is gevin et na remeid set forde
And terme of al law allegit to prescrife
Fra that tym furthe ther is no man one lif
May it reuoke but hurting to ye croun_
And degrading to ye iurisdictioune

yhit is a thing yat mekl_ grevis yi croune
Quhilk seildin is remedit in yi lande
Quhen ony man mak rebellione
For wrang or det not bowand to yi wande
Deforsand maser sireff or seriande
thar is na punicion bot lattis it our passe
Quhar nane aw is how suld ther follow grace

yit of a thing all gud men mervalis mair
Quhen yi gret counsale wyth yi awin consent
Hes ordanit strait iustice na man to spair
Wythin schort tyme yow changis yin entent
Sendand a contrar letter incontinent
Chargeand that of that mater mar be nogth
Than all ye warld murmuris at thow art bogth