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'First World War 'Official Photographs'' contains the following 9 items:

Thumbnail for 'Photographs of Haig'

(1) Photographs of Haig [ID: 75201623]

Photographs showing Field Marshall Earl Haig.

Thumbnail for 'British Western Front'

(2) British Western Front [ID: 75201641]

Photographs, all taken on the British Western Front, that are not attributed to a particular photographer.

Thumbnail for 'Cavalry'

(3) Cavalry [ID: 75206933]

Photographs depicting cavalry.

Thumbnail for 'Royal visits'

(4) Royal visits [ID: 75201717]

Photographs of royal visits to the Western Front. Royal visits were seen as an important way of boosting morale.

Thumbnail for 'Other visitors'

(5) Other visitors [ID: 75210287]

Photographs showing visits by non-Royal dignitaries.

Thumbnail for 'Allies'

(6) Allies [ID: 75208533]

Photographs of various nationalities allied to the British.

Thumbnail for 'Germans'

(7) Germans [ID: 75201649]

Photographs taken in Germany, by Germans or of Germans.

Thumbnail for 'Photographers'

(8) Photographers [ID: 75208532]

Photographs by named photographers.

Thumbnail for 'After the War'

(9) After the War [ID: 75201640]

Photographs taken after November 1918.

Date created: 1918-1928