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On the QUEEN'S Birth-Dqy, 1704.

THE Happy Muſe, to this high Scene preferr'd,
Hereafter ſhall in Loftier Strains be heard;
And, ſoaring to tranſcend her uſual Theme,
Shall Sing of Virtue and Heroick Fame.
No longer ſhall ſhe Toil upon the Stage,
And fruitleſs War with Vice and Folly wage;
No more in mean Diſguiſe ſhe ſhall appear,                 
And Shapes ſhe would reform be forc'd to wear:
While Ignorance and Malice join to blame,
And break the Mirror that reflects their Shame.
Henceforth ſhe ſhall purſue a Nobler Task,
Shew her bright Virgin Face, and ſcorn the Satyr's Mask.
Happy her future Days which are deſign'd
Alone to Paint the Beauties of the Mind.
By Juſt Originals to draw with Care,
And Copy from the Court a Faultleſs Fair;

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