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               Duke LAUDERDAL ,

                  AND THE

          LORD DANBY.

GReat Sir, I cannot but congratulate
The ju ſt Submiſſion of your ſtubborn Fate;
Which to your Honour hath a Tyrant been
But now ſhe ſees her Folly and her Sin.
Still may ſhe prove moſt conſtant unto you,
And always pay what to your Grace is due.
Dear Sir, for nought can I commend my Fate,
But that ſhe'th made me happy in a Mate.
And ſuch I'll prove, even in Extremity,
Since we are Brothers in Iniquity.
My Lord, you very much miſtake the Word.
We werer ſo once : to that I do a accord.
But now our Pardons for our ſins are Seal'd,
I think the Guilt is juſtly then Repeal'd.
Though We were cover' do'er with Clouds of Sin,
They 're vaniſh'd now, and all our fears therein.
Now dare we our Protection claim as Right
Of Charles our King ; who ſurely will, in ſpite
Of all our Foes. reſolve ſet us free ;
Nor will he loſe that Right of Majeſty.
His Royal Word is paſt,we need not doubt;
His Honour will take care to make it out.
Right Tom ; and by my Soul,I'll never fear
Before th'inſulting Commons to appear,
And let them but affront me if they dare.
For all their humming noiſe, I'll make them Know.
I'll ſit above when they ſha'n't ſit below.
There will ſtill with Courage vindicate
Thy Honour, and ſubvert the unjuſt Hate
Of all thy Foes.nor ſhall they dare pretend
To ſay thou art not King and Country's Friend.
Pox on them; Let them go for a dam'd Crew,
Whilſt we with Craft their Ruine do purſue.
Let them vote on, and we will ſtill deviſe
To make them all a burning Sacrifice                   
To him, gainſt whom they' ve made ſo many Lyes .
My drooping Soul tranſported is to think,
When he doth riſe, how all theſe Rogues will ſink.
With Vengeance we'll purſue them in Retreat:
We'll haſh them quick, and let our Dogs them eat

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