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Preparatory to ſome Electors,to be Sung
      at the Scotch Ambaſ ſadors on the

                  To the Tune of Old Noll.

GReat Beelzekub, Patron of Whiggs,
Whoje only Name we own,
la this our great Neceſſary,
Let all they Power be ſhewn,

In ſtruct they faithful Servants all.
That we, without DELAT,
They Precepts may both learn and Teach,

Tip all your Tongues with Scandal keen,
Aid lies that Stic like BURRS
That may the Reputation Blaſt,
Of all the TORY CURRS.

help' us ſuch Men to cboſe, aſ may
At Heart they Intereſt have
Defy the GOD's, and from a CROWN

But may thoſe Enemy's to thee,
great KING Adore,
(Their Hated Names too well you know)
Ne'er Sit in Council more,

We'll call'emFrenchi and Jacobites,
that Trade and us mide Prize,
By Voting all the Wool to Francet
all Men know they're Lies

As they True Li ſted Soldiers all,
We'll trnet on the Parrade ,
And Reach Man in bis Has ſhall wear
A Woollen white Cockade.

the Tories thus with Fear ln ſpir'd
Will ſurely never dare,
Our Noble Champions to Oppoſe
Who they true Servants are,

For ſake not tbo ſe who Truſt in thee,
Nor our Deſign Betray,
Left we, oblig'd againſ't our Wills
Should HEAVEN and ANNE Obey,

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