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        Congratulatory Poem

             To the Honourable


            Sheriff of London.

VV Here Providence has thoſe vaſt Bleſſings given,
The Gratitude of a Rewarding Heaven ;
Induſtrious MERIT to all Heights muſt riſe :
Not one kind Star, but its beſt Smiles ſupplies.
Yes, thou great Firſt-born Virtue, INDUSTRY,
In the fair Eden Garden 'twas to Thee
Th' IMMORTAL did his Firſt Command diſpenſe,
Thou Eldeſt Fav'rite of Omnipotence.
Rais'd t'all this Greatneſs by thoſe Steps alone,
Where all the Jacob's Ladder was Your own ;
Whilſt proud Auguſta fees her Happy Son,
Her DUNCOMB, to that Goal of Honour run ;
Heav'ns, and her own lov'd Favorite, ſhe calls,
To lend a publick Beam to thoſe bleſt Walls ;
In which nurſt up the Heir of Fame, and Child
Of Fortune, ev'n his whole bright Dawn firſt ſmil'd.
Here, ith' full Zenith of his GLORY, choſe,
His Noon ſhall warm, there where his Morning roſe.
Th' Unrival'd Candidate ! ſee where He ſtands
'Twixt th' ecchoing Shouts, and the uplifted Hands :
One Mouth of Joy------In every humbler Choice,
There in the Popular divided Voice,
Parties and Factions have in Arms appear'd.------
Parties and Factions here were Names unheard.
Such WORTH does with that publick Influence ſmile,
As ev'n Religious Zeal can reconcile.
Great DUNCOMB's Name that Undiſputed Theme,
His Choice was more a Torrent than a Stream.
Not one reſiſting Hand his Claim t'oppoſe :
Nay, ev'n Diſſenting Faith his Champion roſe,
And in one Breath the Darling CHURCHMAN choſe.
But ſtay ; his Glories fairer View to take,
Methinks, Great DUNCOMB, does his Entry make,
From that late VICTORY ſo Nobly won,
His Brows new-deckt with Garlands of his own.

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