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                        ON THE


WHEN firſt the TATLER to a Mute was turn'd,
Great-Britain for her Cenſor's Silence mourn'd ;
Robb'd of his ſprightly Beams, ſhe wept the Night
Till the SPECTATOR roſe and blaz'd as Bright.

So the firſt Man, the SUN's firſt Setting view'd,
And ſigh'd, till circling Day his Joys renew'd ;
Yet doubtful how that Second SUN to name,
Whether a Bright Succeſſor, or the Same.

So we — but Now from this Suſpence are freed,
Since all muſt own, who both with Judgment read,
'Tis the Same SUN, and does Himſelf ſucceed.


                  Juſt Publiſh'd, in Two Volumes, in Octavo,

THE whole WORKS of Monſieur BOILEAU. Made Engliſh from the
laſt Paris Edition, by ſeveral Hands. To which is prefix'd, His Life, written
to Joſeph Addiſon, Eſq; by Mr. Des-Maizeaux ; and ſome Account of this Tran-
ſlation by N. Rowe, Eſq; Adorn'd with Cuts, and beautifully Printed upon Super-
fine Paper. Price Twelve Shillings neatly Bound. Contaiaing, 1. The Lutrin, a
Mock Heroic Poem, in 6 Canto's. 2. The Art of Poetry, in 4 Canto's. 3. Satires
Eleven. 4. Epiſtles Twelve. 5. Odes, Epigrams, and other Miſcellanies.
6. Longinus's Treatiſe of the Sublime, with Critical Remarks, Reflections, and
; by Mr. Dacier, Boivin, &c. 7. Letters to ſeveral Perſons, viz.
Perrault, Mr. Arnaud, the Duke de Vivone, in Intimation of the Stile of Balzac
and Voiture. 8. A Butleſque Decree in Defence of Ariſtorle. 9. A Speech to
the Gentlemen of the
Royal Academy. 10. Two Diſcourſes upon Ode and Satire.
N. B. In this Tranſlation of Mr. Boileau's Works is a Dialogue of the Dead, in
Ridicule of Romances ; and a Letter to Mr. Maucroix, with his Anſwer, ne-
ver Printed in any French Edition.

Printed for E.Curll, at the Dial and Bible, and R. Goſling, at the Mitre, in
                                        Fleet ſtreet. 1712.

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