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                              ( I )

                         ON THE


                         OF THE


      By a PERSON of Honour.

WElcome Thou friendly Earneſt of Fourſcore ;
Prorniſe of Health, who haſt alone the power
Tattend the RICH, unenvied by the POOR.
that doſt Eſculapius deride,
And o're his Gally-pots in Triumph ride ;
THOU that art us'd to attend the Royal Throne,
And underprop the Head that wears the CROWN :
THOU that doſt oft in Privy-Councils wait,
And guard from drowſy Sleep the Eyes of STATE.
THOU that upon the Bench art mounted high,
And warnſt the FUDGES how they tread awry ;
THOU that do'ſt oft from pamper'd Prelates Toe,
Emphatically urge the PAINS below ;

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