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 England's Late Jury :



WISELY an Obſervator ſaid
(Who knew our State full well)
England need never be afraid,
Or ſeek out for a Aid,
Out Dangers to Repel.

But then he never did ſuppoſe
Our Army near ſo ſmall ;
Or Stateſmen to obliege their Foes,
Should with Seven Thouſand wipe our Noſe :
A Force like none at all.

This Vote made Lewis give a Smile
And laugh within his Sleeve;
Scarce did he Credit it a while,
Brittain, ſhou'd for his Glory toil,
Which now he does believe.

But when again ſuch Men wer choſe
As did our Force Disband ;
He found our Ruine follow'd cloſe,
And had no Reaſon to oppoſe,
Such as went Hand in Hand.

S———m—r forgets he was a Slave,
When in his Younger years,
He was the Sp——r and a K——
And not ſo much inclin'd to Save,
Or think upon our Fears.

But then there lay a Patent by
To Gratiſie his Pride ;
On which he often caſt an Eye,
And on the Stop did wonder way
Totneſs was not ſupplyed.

Reſenting an Affront like this,
He forthwith veers about ;
Mad that he did Preferment miſs,
(A Feather fit for Pride like his)
And Courts the ſickle Rout.

But his Deſigns are underſtood,
The matter's very plain :
Pretending for his Countreys good,
He ſince has acted all he cou'd,
To keep his Prince in Pain.

For a long time he cou'd not Swear,
With a nice Conſcience bred ;
Nor take an Oath againſt, an Heir,
That to a Monarch did Repair,
At leaſt till he was Dead.

But when All Conquering Gold was brought,
Which Gliſten'd in his Eyes ;
Quickly a Miracle was wrought,
(Exeter knows it was no Fault )
They that have Wealth are Wife.

M——s——ve has Parts, and Eloquence,
And others fay ſpeaks well,
Tho' Young Kit met a Rocompence,
To bring his Father to his Senſe,
Spight did the Guilt Repel.

Nothing' can Bias ſtout Sir Kit,
Civility is Vain,
For he muſt exerciſe his Wit,
And ſometimes did at Random hit,
Which Credit did obtain.

H——r——rt pretends unto the Law,
And makes a fearful din ;
As little Senſe as e'er l ſaw,
His Judgement brittle as a Straw,
And oftner out than in.

F——n—— ch, he has Senſe and Rethorick,
And ſeems of S——m—rs Kidney.
His Lungs do to the Quarret ſti k,
And once was very Politick,
And ſome think hard on Sidney.

A——m—— nd, he runs among the Herd ;
Is Violent and Strong ;
Wou'd fain ſeem Grave without a Beard :
Bur he needs never to be fear'd.
His Judgment is too Young.

Jack H — ſets up for one of Senſe,
Does for a Patriot ſtand.
Moſt wonder at his Impudence !
That he thereto ſhould lay Pretence,
Who was the Courts Disband.

He who was reckon'd the Buſſoon,
In former Parliaments.
Fickle and Changing like the Moon ;
Till French Gold came he was undone,
Now Vents his Diſcontents.

Buts moſt Men Wonder that Sir Batt
So Eager is to rail :
Yet why ſhould we admire at that ?
Since his Profeſſion is to chat,
But ſeldom does prevail.

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