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          Prince EUGENE.

          — Totos infuſa per artus
Major in exigno regnabat corpore Virtus.

SO Tydeus look'd, when, ſingle, He oppos'd
The Perjur'd Brother, with his Guards inclos'd ;
When Fifty Traytors by his Valour ſlain,
Their Length had meaſur'd on the Theban Plain ;
Of Stature low, but of a Soul ſo high,
It Tower'd from whence it came, and reach'd the Skie.
Heroic Spirits are of Heavenly Birth,
Gyants alone are Off-ſprings of the Earth :
Whoſe Figures may ſurprize, but are no Odds
Oppos'd to Heaven, and Adverſary-Gods.
Their Heigth exceeds the Level of Mankind,
But leſſer Bodies ſhare a larger Mind.
As in a Glaſs the crowding Sun-Beams meet,
Small is the Point, but violent the Heat.

Such is the Man, whom Germany has lent
To bridle France, and curb the Continent :
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