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                Humbly Dedicated to the


    WILLIAM Lord COWPER, &c.

SINCE Britains Seals to other Hands are gone,
Britain has had the loſs, but YOU have none ;
O Great in all Mens Eyes, except your own.
They muſt, O Cowper, in Commiſſion be,
For what ONE MAN will dare to follow THEE,
Whoſe Univerſel Genius does exceed
Moſt that have gone before, and All that can ſucceed ?

With Wife GO DOLPHIN You your Place Reſign ;
Your different Orbs with the ſame Glories ſhine.
Both ſitted, Atlas-like, a Weight to bear
Too heavy for a leſs Illuſtrious Pair.
And Heav'n, that Watches Nations, rarely ſends
Uncommon Men, but for Uncommon Ends.

But Adverſe Fortune and Diſaſtrous Fate
Have broke our Peace, diſturb'd our happy State,
And made our IS LAND now leſs FORTUNATE.
By Crafty Leaders Thoughtleſs crowds Careſs'd
For a new Senate, and new Statesmen preſs'd ;
Rabbles themſelves for CHANGES have Addreſs'd.

By ſuch as theſe born down the Brave give way,
As we the Winds, and Waves, and Storms Obey.
When Torrenrs and Impetuous Tides are ſent,
Wiſe Men ſland by, till their mad Furics ſpent.
And popular Rage no more can be withſtood,
Than the wild Sallies of a Rapid flood.

                                    A                                    It

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