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         Britons Strike Home !

                  A NEW SONG.


SHOULD Frenchmen e'er pollute Britannia's strand,
Or press with hostile hoof this sacred land ;
The daring deed should every Briton arm,
To save his native land from dire alarm ;
Her free-born Sons should instant take the field,
The Altar and the Throne at once to shield.
Britons, strike home ! avenge your Country's cause,
Protect your KING, your LIBERTIES, and LAWS !


Repel the Foe, that desperate, dares invade
The land protected by great SYDNEY'S shade ;
And in the cause for which your HAMDEN bled,
Should ev'ry Briton's blood be freely shed ;
A cause no less than Liberty and Life,
The poor Man's Home, his Children, and his Wife.
Britons strike home, &c.


The base Usurper comes—his troops advance,
And line, with threat'ning front, the shores of France ;
Already has the Despot given the word ;
Already has he drawn his blood-stain'd sword ;
While JAFFA'S plains attest th' Assasin's skill,
Poison and blood—the dagger and the pill.
Britons strike home, &c.


No common war we wage—our native land
Is menac'd by a murderous, ruthless band ;
The Throne and Altar by their Chief o'erturn'd,
And at his feet one half the prostrate world !
" Plunder, and Rape, and Death's" the hostile cry,
" Fire to your towns—to Britons slavery !"
Britons strike home, &c.


Come, Bonaparte, come ! we are prepar'd ;
No British heart a foreign foe e'er fear'd.
What ! tho' an abject world in arms should rise,
In ENGLAND'S cause a Briton death defies :
If to herself she prove but firm and true,
Gaul, and her frantic Chief she'll make to rue.
Britons strike home, &c.


Plung'd in the deep her navy we'll confound,
O with French blood manure our British ground ;
Drive backward to the sea the Gallic slaves,
And whelm their host, like Pharaoh's, in the waves ;
Restore lost Peace and Plenty to our isle,
And make the land again with gladness smile,
Britons strike home, &c.

One Halfpenny each, or 50 for 1s. 6d. or 2s. 6d. per Hundred for dis-
tribution.---Printed for J. GINGER, 169, Piccadilly ; where a va-
riety of Patriotic Hand-Bills and Songs may be had,
wheeler, Printer, 57, Wardour Street, Soho.

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