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              Lenten Prologue
               Refus'd by the

OUR Prologue-Wit grows flat : the Nap's worn off ;
And howſoe're We turn, and trim the Stuff,
The Gloſs is gone, that look'd at firſt ſo gaudy ;
'Tis now no Jeſt to hear young Girls talk Baudy.
But Plots, and Parties give new matter birth ;
And State Diſtractions ſerve you here for mirth !
At england's coſt Poets now purchaſe Fame
While factious Heats deſtroy us, without Shame
Theſe wanton Neroes fiddle to the Flame.
The Stage, like old Rump-Pulpits, is become
The Scene of News, a furious Party's Drum.
Here Poets beat their brains for Volunteers,
And take faſt hold of Aſſes by their Ears.
Their jingling Rhime for Reaſon here you ſwallow ;
Like Orpheus Muſick it makes Beaſts to follow.
What an enlightning Grace is want of Bread ?
How it can change a Libeller's Heart, and clear a Laureats Head !
Open his eyes till the mad Prophet fee             Medal
Plots working in a future power to be                   P. 14
Traitors unform'd to his Second Sight are clear ;
And Squadrons here, and Squadrons there appear ;
Rebellion is the Burden of the Seer.
To Bayes in Viſion were of late reveal'd
Whigg-Armies, that at Knights-bridge lay conceal'd. (Rehearſal
And though no mortal eye could fee't before Com. p. 31.
The Battaile was juſt entring at the Door! (Rehearſally Comedy
A dangerous Aſſociation — ſign'd by None!           p. 52
The Joyner's Plot to ſeize the King alone!
Stephen with Colledge made this Dire compact ;
The watchful Iriſh took 'em in the Fact —
Of riding arm'd ! Oh Traiterous Overt Act !
With each of'em an ancient Piſtol ſided ;
Againſt the Statute in that Caſe provided.
But why was ſuch an Hoſt of Swearers preſt ?
Their ſuccour was ill Husbandry at beſt.
Bayes's crown'd Muſe, by Sovereign Right of Satyre,
Without deſert, can dubb a man a Traitor.
And Toryes, without troubling Law, or Reaſon,
By loyal Inſtinct can find Plots and Treaſon.
But here's our Comfort, though they never ſcan
The merits of the Cauſe, but of the Man,
Our gracious Stateſmen vow not to forſake
Law — that is made by Judges whom they Make,

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