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                      OF THE

      Secret EXPEDITION.

NO more ſhall Scotland now in Sadneſs mourn:
Juſtice and Judgment, Hand in Hand, return:
Knaves now are puniſh'd in the very Fact,
And have no Time t' excuſe their wicked Act :
No more's the Judgment of the Law deferr'd,
Till ſome nice Plea, or ſham Defence be heard.
Without a Gibbet Rogues their Sentence meet,
And Market Croſs gives Place to Arthur's Seat ;
Boldly to Death, and more, ſtout Campbell went,
And, unbewail'd, dy'd on the grafſy Bent :
No mourning Friend, no Prieſt was at his Call,
No Judge, no Jury ; a poor Sheep did all,
Gave Sentence, kill'd the Thief ; but periſh'd in his Fall.
Tell not in Lothian, publiſh not in Leith,
How ſtrangely this Red-coat was brought to Death.
When ev'ry Day we ſee th' injurious Tribe
Blindſold the Law with ſome prevailing Bribe,
When Villains, that delight in ſhedding Blood,
Eſcape their Doom, unpuniſh'd, unpurſu'd.
Had Porteous gone (what tho' GOD's Laws forbid)
A Wedder-hunting, as bold Campbell did,
Inſtead of tripping up a Life or two,
And ſending ſome Souls to the Shades below,
Then had no Mob defy'd his wiſht Reprieve,
And caus'd him die whom Caroline bade live,

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