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        An Excellent New



By the Prieſts of the ORDER of
St. PERKIN, for the Uſe of
High-Church, upon their approach-
ing Day of Humiliation, being the
truly Proteſtant Majeſty King

                    PART I.

1 OH ! Why doſt thou forſake us thus ?
Muſt thy griev'd Zion mourn ?
Unto our dwindling Thouſand, ſoon
O Lucifer, return.
2 Proud Hermodactyl's loſty head
Is humbl'd to the Duſt :
Lord Gambol now is laugh'd to ſcorn,
In whom we plac'd our Truſt.

3 And eke his Grace of Mobington,
Full ſore we do lament ;
Who, in the Day of Tryal, flood
All Dangers to prevent ,
4  That dreadful Day, when Damere's Arm
Salvation for us wrought ;
And Purchas at the Head of Mob,
'Gainſt Whiggiſt Squadrons fought.

5  When Canting Presbyterian Tubs
Were made a Sacrifice,
And coſtly Flames in Lincoln-Firlds,
Roſe to the wond'ring Skies.
Whoſe interpoſing Intereſt did
Our Generals ſave from death,
And cheating Tyburn of its due,
Preſerv'd their precious Breath.

Spitfire no more can do us good,
The Schiſmaticks prevail :
And truſty Rummer, in diſgrace,
May ſet up ſelling Ale.
8  For why, the Matter's very plain,
French Claret's out of Seaſon :
Then who wou'd Factor be in France,
That hath or Senſe, or Reaſon ?

9  Now honeſt Brogue to native Land,
Muſt Lacquey home again,
If that a Martyrdom by Hemp,
Does not his Flight reſtrain.
10 But if that truſty Con ſhou'd 'ſcape
Their Whiggiſh Cruelty,
O ſend him back, that he may write
Our Martyrologie.

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