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Second Epiſtle to Mr. TICKELL,

   Author of the Incomparable Ode, call'd
               A Voyage to France, &c.

In tempore veni, quod omnium return eſt primum.
                                                                              Lilly's Gram.

O Tickell, greatly fated to inherit
Thy Maſter Joſeph's Vertues with his Spirit !
Thou Second-ſighted Bard, who canſt forbode
Events of State, in Epick or in Ode ;
Foretell us now when Europe ſhall be free
From Utrecht's Peace, ſo early ſung by Thee :
Foreſay what Pow'r above ſhall break the Spell,
Thy Pious Patron might have brought from Hell :
When ſhall divided Engliſhmen unite ;
And who ſhall daring Alberoni right.

In loud Hexameters bring England's Boaſt
In Windsor's Daughter from the Gallic Coaſt.
As they return, beſpeak the Rebel Waves,
Or bluſter and chaſtiſe the brackiſh Slaves ;
The Waves ſhall freſhen and renounce their Salt,
That they might mix with honeſt Hux's Malt.
Long ſince, alas ! has Royal Orleans preſt
With open Arms (
a Princely Hug ! ) his Gueſt ;
The Whigs impatient wiſh the Worthy back,
While all the Jacobites cry out, Alack !
Alack ! the Brokers in Change-Alley cry,
And bearded Jews deride thy Prophecy.

This Task performed, in Lyrick Numbers ſay
How Addiſon employs the live-long Day ;

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