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                            O D E
                      IN PRAISE OF
                        M U S I C K.

          Compoſed By Mr CHARLES KING,

In five Parts, for the Degree of Batchelour of Muſick, Per-
form'd at the Theatre in Oxford, on Friday the 11th of
July, 1707.

Verſe 5. parts.

MUSICK ſoft charm of Heav'n and Earth
Whence didſt thou borrow thy Auſpiciotis Birth?
Or art thou of Eternal Date ?
Sire to thy Self, thy Self as old as Fate,
E're the Rude Pondrous Maſs
Of Earth and Waters from their Chaos ſprang
The morning Stars their Anthems ſang,
And nought in Heav'n was heard but Melody and Love.


Verſe 3. Voc.

Myriads of Spirits formes Divine
The Seraphin with the bright Hoſt
Of Angels, Thrones and Heav'nly powers
Worſhip before th' Eternal Shrine,
Their Happy Privilege in Hymns and Anthems boaſt
In Love and Wonder paſs their Blisful hours.


Verſe 4. parts.

Nor let the lower World Repine
The Maſſy Orb in which we Sluggards move
As if ſequeſter'd from the Arts divine
Here's Muſick too
As Ours a Rival were to th' World above.
Cho 5.Voc.
{Hark how the feather'd Choir their Mattins Chant
And purling ſtreams ſoft Accents vent
And all both Time and Meaſure know.


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