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             The Honourable Lady P----

               Paulo Majora Canamus.

LET Thoſe malicious Pens that take delight
In Snarling Satyr ſcurvy Verſe to Write ;
Like howling Wolves exert their Savage cries,
Whilſt CYNTHIA'S Beams in greater ſplendor riſe.

A Loſtier Theme ſets now my Breaſt on fire,
Which Thou propitious EFFINGHAM inſpire
With Sacred Numbers, and Harmonious Lays,
To Sing thy Own, and each fair Virtues Praiſe,
To no inferior Deity I ſue,
Be thou my Genius, my Minerva too ;
Then humble Cottages and Rural Views
In vain attempt to Damp m' aſpiring Muſe.

For as Fam'd DENHAM in his Coopers-hill,
(Wrote with that admirable Force and Skill)
Shews 'tis not Courts makes Kings, but Kings the Court :
So where the Graces and the Fair reſort,
To Barren Rocks and Sylvan Shades they draw
A ſplendid Scene Majeſty and Aw.

Witneſs when we Great BUCKINGHAM ſurvey,
What Homage to her Lovely Eyes we pay !
Where all that's afſable ſerene and ſweet,
In Tranquil Rays of Sovereign Beauty meet !
Such wondrous Temperance, ſuch humble State,
On all her Wiſe and Shining Actions wait,
As well declare to her rare Perſon's joyn'd
All the Perfections of a generous Mind.

Come every gentle Nymph and blooming Fair,
Who in the Province of bright Beauty ſhare,
REBOW and LEADER young improving Styles,
Chapman with innocent good-natur'd Smiles ;
Engaging DALISON, and modeſt BARD,
WHITE, ſprightly WITHINGS, all the tender Herd.
See here the Nobleſt Pattern for your Life,
From the Chaſt Virgin to the Virtuous Wife.
Follow th' example of this Glorious Dame,
To certain Bleſſings and Immortal Fame,
Like Prudent ALTHAM cautiouſly take care,
And Emulate with her th' exalted Fair ;
So may juſt Heav'n in time your Virtues Crown,
As it has BUCKINGHAM'S, with Honour and Renown.

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