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                     ( I )

                A Modern

           Latin ODE

        Attempt in ENGLISH.

O qui reciſe & Finibus Indicis, &c.

KIND Friend, with whom I sip, and Smoke,
The fineſt Tea, and beſt Virginia,
Nor part until my Doſe Iv'e took
Of Hermitage, or Mont' Alcino,

What ſhall an empty Poet do
To pay the mighty Debt he owes you ?
I'll Tap my Muſe, and if but low
She runs, I'll Tilt her too to pleaſe you.

Old Horace, with a willing Mind,
(Aſſliſting Muſe, and Wind, and Weather,)
All but uncommon Flights diſdain'd,
And dipt his fancy'd Wings in Æther.

To joy his Patron's luſcious Hours,
He ſung of Wenching, and its Fuel ;
How helpful Venus in Amours,
And her ungracious Rogue, how cruel.

And yet the Bard with richer Wine
His jolly Whiſtle never wetted ;
Than from ſome empty'd Flasks of Thine
I ſtill am plentifully treated.

Nor did his Tuſcan Knight e'er bear
To all the Acts of Friendſhip truer,
Nor was more bountiful, or dear
To him, than to your Odiſt you are.

O thou Top-Wit of all the Town,
The Court, and eke the Houſe of Comns,
Whom all the Muſes hang upon,
As thou'rt a conſtant Hanger on 'em

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