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                    TO THE

        King's Moſt Sacred Majeſty,

         On the Happy BIRTH of the

       PRINCE of WALES.

                By Mrs. A. BEHN.

JOY to the Greateſt MONARCH of the Earth !
As many Joys as this Illuſtrious BIRTH
Has Elevated Hearts ! As Endleſs too,
As are the VOWS we Offer up for You.
" Oh Happy KING ! to whom a SON is Born !
" What more cou'd Heaven for this Bleſs'd Land perform?

Long with Prophetick Fire, Reſolv'd and Bold,
Your Glorious FATE arid FORTUNE I foretold.
I ſaw the Stars that did attend Your REIGN,
And how they Triumph'd o'er Great Charles's Wain.
Far off I ſaw this HAPPY DAY Appear ;
This fubilee, not known this Fifty Year.
This Day, foretold, ( Great SIR ! ) that gives you more
Than even Your Glorious Virtues did before.

No MONARCH's Birth was ever Uſher'd in
With Signs ſo Fortunate as this has been.
The (a) Holy Trinity his BIRTH-DAY claims,
Who to the World their beſt Lov'd Bleſſings ſends.
Guarded he comes, in Triumph over FATE,
And all the Shining HOST around him wait.
Angels and Saints, that do his Train Adorn,
In Hallelujahs Sing, A KING IS BORN !
Bleſt (b) MARGARET, Scotlands Royal Saint and Queen, (b) St. Marga.
The laſt Great Branch of all the Saxon Line,                 ret's Day.
                                                A                         Waits

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