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                                OF A


          Of the Late Right Honourable

          Sir George Treby Kt

Lord Chief Juſtice of His Majeſty's
      Court of Common-Pleas.

    By N T ate, Servant to His Majesty.

INdulge One Labour more, my drooping Muſe
( Which neither Love nor Duty can refuſe )
For T R E B Y's worthy Praiſe new String; thy Lyre,
And ſing a Theme that will thy Verſe inſpire.
The grateful Song wou'd Charm the, liſtning Globe,
Could'ſt Thou his Name Adorn, as He the Robe.
See how from Specious Falſhood he divides
Wrong'd Truth, and like an Oracle decides !
Whoſe Large, and Richly-furniſht Mind appears
A Regiſter of long-tranſacted Years ;
Paſt Preſidents ſo faithfully deriv'd,
As more than Neſtor's Age he had. ſurviv'd :
As He the Practice of all Courts had ſeen,
And from Law's Infancy her Guardian been.
For Law, that do's a boundleſs Ocean ſeem,
Is Coaſted all, and Fathom'd all by Him.
Yet, tho' with ſuch ſagacious Knowledge crown'd,
No leſs for Juſtice than for Skill renown'd:
His Judgments, he from Truth's clear Fountain draws,
Reſpecting not the Party, but the Cauſe :
Makes haughty Pow'r to humble Right give Place ;
Want fears no Wrong, and Wealth expects no Grace.

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