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              T H E

      Proteſtant Diſſenters


Occaſioned by a late Pamphlet falſly call'd,
         The Loyal Letany

From Rom's Tiranizing o'r Kingdomes and Kings
From Religion that Murther and Maſlacre brings
From TREASON ſtyl'd Merit and dreadful things.
                                                Libera nos Domine,

From Poyſoning of Princes i'rh bles'd Sacrament
From Eighty Eight's Torments that Spain did invent
From Blowing up Parliaments by Hell's conſent

From whipping of Monarchs to pleaſe a baſe Monk
From thoſe who at Villanies never yet ſhrunk
And from the vile Strumpet with Saints blood made drunk

From Piedmont, Bohemia and waldences fate
From ſuch as do ſtrive to raiſe War and Debate
And wi'h burning of Martyrs themſelves Recreate

From Damn'd Inquiſirions and Maſſacring Knives
From deflowring our Daughters and Raviſhing our Wives
From ripping up Wombs to deſtroy Intants Lives

From Firing of Cities to quench them with blood
From Adoring of Pictures and Statues of Wood             
From praying to Saints and Blaſpheming of God

From Marean dayes and a Smithfield Rounds Swear,
From the Shakes and the Faggotts that there would be ſet
If the Pope and the papist the upper Handger.

From Jeſuirs who ſtill in cloſe Ambuſh do lye,
From ſuch who known truth to the laſt do deny,
And in hopes of Saintſhip do moſt Perjur'd dye.

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