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The Death of Colonel Cadogan

                    of the 71 stRegimont.

        TUNE-" The Flowers of the Forest.

How lovely is Clydsdale in the dawn of the
Where the river does meander along the gay
Where the daisies and blue bells, the hills are
The black bird is piping his notes in the dale.
But nae mair to me will those pleasures a-
My brave gallant hero lies cold in the clay,
And now I must wander alone and forsaken
The sweet flowers ofClydsdale is all wed away.
At the fight of Vittoria by thonsands sur-
Those band of brave warriors dealt death
' midst their foe,
Till a shriek of despair, pale bleeding and
They saw their brave chieftain, my Henry
laid low,                                       
O, bear me to yon height, he exclaimed we
are victorious,
He smil'd at their flight, till his life ebb'd
Now ladies5 if you'll hear me , Cadogan died
The fllowers of Clydsdale bloomed sweetly
that day.
I'll go to his grave, and I'll deck it with flowers
I'll brave all the dangers that dwells in the
On the green sod that wraps him, I'll spend
my night hours,
And wander all day,'midst the tombs of the
If the lasses of Spain would on the mourn-
er take pity,
They would weep as at eve with their lovers
And Victoria's high mountains would re-echo
the ditty,
The sweet flowers flowers of Clydsdale is all wede

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