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      OF THE

 Widow and her Cat.


AWIDOW kept a Favourite Cat,
At firſt a gentle Creature ;
But when he was grown Sleek and Fat,
With many a Mouſe, and many a Rat,
He ſoon diſclos'd his Nature.


The Fox and He were Friend of old,
Nor cou'd they now be parted ;
They Nightly ſlunk to rob the Fold,
Devour'd the Lambs, the Fleeces ſold,
And Puſs grew Lion-hearted.


He ſcratch'd her Maid, he ſtole the Cream,
He tore her beſt lac'd Pinner ;
Nor Chanticleer upon the Beam,
Nor Chick, nor Duckling 'ſcapes, when Grim
Invites the Fox to Dinner.


The Dame full wiſely did Decree,
For fear He ſhou'd diſpatch more,
That the falſe Wretch ſhou'd worry'd be :
But in a ſawcy manner He
Thus Speech'd it like a L——re.

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