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               King WILLIAM.

                 Written in the Year 1689.

          By the Honourable Mr. LLOYD,

          Then Batchelor of Arts, and Fellow
           of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridge.


WHEN England was not ſafe in its own Strength at home,
Unleſs upheld by France or Rome ;
When We to foreign Counſels truſt,
The once Juſt James can be no longer Juſt.
For the Stateſman with his Counſel brings,
Or the Deſtruction or the Bliſs of Kings ;
With ſignal Service he ſupports the Throne,
Or elſe debaſes it to Scorn :
Which Our Great Counſellor of late ſufficiently hath done ;
In all the hidden paths of Miſchief taught,
No Jeſuit for nought,
No Bungler at his Trade,
But full of Treaſon leads a Monarch on,
Until his giddy Head could not ſupport a Crown,
Bids him abdicate his Throne.
Then We, as Adam, could not be alone :
Sought a meet Help, and by Heaven's Aid,
What Heaven it ſelf commanded, We have made.
Never was Nation found ſo happy yet,
As Heaven's Decrees with their Deſires to meet,
Or Heaven their falt'ring Prayers to antedate.
Thus England ſhall, by Heaven and You reſtor'd,
Give the commanding Word
To ſuppliant Worlds ; and rul'd by You,
Thoſe who ſubmit, protect ; who dare reſiſt, ſubdue.


When Liberty and Property did lie,
Expecting which ſhould firſt (or both together) die ;
When gaſping Laws foreſaw their Doom,
A Sacrifice to greedy Rome,
Contented only with an Hecatomb :
Then England did thy Arms intreat,
And pray'd Thee for her Safety, not thy own,
To fill an empty Throne ;

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