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         Her Majeſty's GRANT


         Woodſtock Park, &c.


         His Grace the DUKE




In a LETTER to signior Antonio Verrio at Hampton-Court.

REnown'd in Arms, when Mighty Heroes life,
Th' Immortal Muſe in laſting Numbers try's,
To future Ages to tranſmit their Famfe.
And give 'em after Death a Living Name.
The Fields of Bliſs below, the Shady Grove,
Were the Reward of all their Toils above ;
The Mantuan Swain has fill'd the Solemn place,
With the wreath'd WorthysS of his Roman Race;
While greater Marlborough diſdains to wait ,
Mature for Fame, the ſlow approach of Fate:
But Reaps that Glorious Harveſt whilft he Lives,
Which Time, to all his Ancient Hero's gives.
Elyſian Shades ſhall now no more be fought,
The Gay Creation of the Poets Thought ;
The Royal Gift diſplay's nobler View,
No feig'n'd Elyſium can exceed the True.

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