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   The Garland of TRIALS.

THIS noble Relation which I am to write,
Behold 'tis concerning a great Baronet;
Five years he was married, as I do proteſt,
This noble Baron with a child was not blaſt.

At length his fair Lady conceived with child,
At which the ſaid Knight and his Lady ſmil'd:
When time was expir'd, a daughter was born,
At whoſe birth the father and mother did mourn.

Her nativity he did calculate,
And found ſhe was born to ſuffer by fate;
The Knight by her ruling planet did ſee;
A whore, theif & murderer ſhe was born to be.

Said he,When ſhe's up to maturity got,
For the ſake of her fortune, ſome villainous ſot
Perhaps may defile her before hand ; and ſo
This may be the ſirſt ſtep to over throw.

To prevent all danger, this ſtep I will take,
Some farmer (a tenant of mine) (ſhall her take;
As a child of his own ſhe ſhall be confin'd,
In that ſtation perhaps no one will her mind.

To this wiſe intention his Lady agreed,
To one of his tenants ſhe was ſent with ſpeed,
Who had for her boarding thirty pounds a year,
And good education they gave her, we hear.

Dutiful obedience unto them ſhe paid ;
Thinking them her parents their will ſhe obey'd.
When this Knight came thither his rent to receive
A guinea to this child he always would give.

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