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Welsh-mens glory, or, The famous victories of the antient Britans obtain'd upon St David's day

(73) Welsh-mens glory, or, The famous victories of the antient Britans obtain'd upon St David's day

   Welſh-Mens GLORY,

The Famous Victories of the Antient BRITANS
Obtain'd upon St. DAVID's Day.

THe Honour, Glory and the Grace
Of valiant Brute's tryumphant Race,
Shewing the Reaſons, wherefore they
Wear Leeks upon St. David's Day.

The valiant Deeds of Britans bold,
I here ſhall ſing in Verſe ;
Direct my Pen, Heroick Muſe !
While I the fame reherſe :
That to the Britans noble Fame,
I bravely chant it may,
The Reaſon why, they do wear LEEKS
Upon St. David's Day.

I mean not to relate the Deeds
Of warlike valiant GUY,
Nor Enland's Warwick Champion,
Saint GEORGE's Chivalry ;
Nor any other Warrior's Fame,
Intend I to diſplay,
But what the Britans bold have done
Upon St. David's Day.

Cold Winter with his froſty Face
Doth bid you all Farewel;
And manly March hath taken place,
A Month with you to dwell :
Brother to ſweet April Showers,
And uſher to fair MAY,
And in his Hat a LEEK he wears
Upon St. David's Day.

'Gainſt Britan when the Romans did
Their warlike Enſigns bear,
Inſtead of Plumes, the green-top LEEKS
Brute's valiant Race did wear,
Who bravely from the Roman Troop,
The Conqueſt bore away,
Which Badge of Honour ſhll they wear
upon St David's Day.

And though ſtout Ceſar with his Force
Did flrongly invade their Land,
The Britans bold with Foot and Horſe
His Power did withſtand,
And when of them he Tribute fought,
They did refuſe to pay,
For which they ſtill do wear a LEEK
Upon St. David's Day.

The Saxons entered afterwards,
And Eſſex did obtain,
And with an Army well prepared,
The Kingdom for to gain ;
Each Town and City went to wrack
Where the Saxons bore the Sway,
At length the Britans drove them back
Upon St. David's Day.

They being lead by that brave Prince,
King Arthur called by Name,
Whole Power with his valiant Knights
The Saxons Pride did tame.
In twelve Battles them did overthrow,
As Chronicles do fay,
The laſt of which, the Britans overcame
Upon St. David's Day.

Next after that the Lances came in,
That great nerping Foe,
At Winchelſey they did begin
The Land to overthrow ,
Till Captain Landaff, a BRITAN true,
Did make their Lives decay,
And conquered the Daniſh Crew,
Upon St. David's Day.

When crook-Back Richard wore the Crown,
As Regent of this Land;
No Policy could put him down,
Not his proud Power withſtand:
Till Henry Richmond, entered Wales,
Whom BRITAN S did obey,
And conquered in Boſworth Field,
Upon St. David's Day.

The warlike Deeds which late have been,
By valiant Welſh-Men ſhown,
Both England, France, and Germany,
And other Lands have known ;
Whoſe Honour with tryumphant Praiſe,
Fames Trumpet doth diſplay,
And blazen ſtill their noble Acts
Upon St. David's Day.

Then doth not Our St. DAVI D's Day,
Well merit to be fam'd;
Whereon the moſt tryumphant Brutes
Their mighty Foes have tam'd,
And have ſo well behav'd themſelves,
That I may boldly fay,
The like was never yet perform'd
Upon St. David's Day.

Of James the Spaniards boaſt,
Saint Denis ſtands for France;
Saint Patrick in the Weſtern Coaſt,
The Iriſh-Men advance;
George holds the Sword, David the Scales
Where Juſtice bears the Sway,
And England drinks a Health to Wales
Upon St. David's Day.

The BRITANS have been ever true,
And dare for to oppoſe,
Both Pagans, Infidels and Jews,
And all that are our Foes ;
And will maintain their Countrys good,
Which never will decay,
Then Bleſſing be on all their Names,
That love Saint David's Day.

And to conclude my new made Song,
I wiſh with all my Heart,
That they may never ſuffer Wrong,
That take the Welſh-Mens Part ;
Who ſtand up for their Countrys Right,
As lawfully they may,
And wear the LEEK as their Delight
Upon St. David's Day.
                                    Entered according to Order.

Printed by Thomas Dawks, his Majeſties Britiſh-
Printer, at the Weſt-End of Thames-Street.

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