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New song in praise of the holy mision [sic] in Frances St & Heytesbury St chapels

(90) New song in praise of the holy mision [sic] in Frances St & Heytesbury St chapels


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   In Frances St & Heytesbury St Chapels

You Roman Catbolicks around this Dioces,
Prayl n your aid to those lins I write,
On our holy Fathers those pious Clergy,
Whom Father Mullaly did of late invite,
To preach the Gospel from its foundation,
Like the great St Patrick in days of youre,
And to do pennance for our transgressions,
And to promise them for to sin nomore,

Their hearts rejoiceing from earl morning,
Till the late eveing and the long day,
To see us crouding round the tribunal
And before the Alter in pious prayer,
They teach us daily to pray to mary,
As the Angelis be on sweetly sound,
MayGod reward them their folocks regardthm
They are faithful friends to the Church of rome

The croude each night are a glorious sight
As they the Chapel nodaily throung,
With voice melodious like choirs of angels
With splendid musick and sa red song
Our Holy Fathers may the Lord reward them
For they are the friends of Old Erins Shore,
And in return for their pious labours,
Wee'l obide by them now and forevermore,

Long live the Revd Father Multaly that holy
And Father Lealy of great renoun,
Great praise is due to them in this Parish
Through Dublin City and Ireland round.
There is an other paster I here will mention
Who spares no labour or yet his time
But his daily teaching a constant preaching
Bless'd Father Plunket that pure devine,

The faith St Patrick once preach'd in Erin
From its pure paths we never stray'd,
Without stain or blemish we have preserv'd it
And wee'l do so still till the Judgment day,
Around this City there is great rejoicement,
Since those Bless'd anoi ted amongst us came
And in future ages' they will be regarded,
The child unborn will love their name,

Our Holy Fathers have brought a Blessing,
Around this parish as you may see,
They daily labour for our conversion,
And from the chains of satan to set us free
They will plant a Cross for to remind us,
Ofthose Holy Misions we have in our days,
And as the Chapel we dai y enter,
Let us kneel down and before it pray,

But w en t ey are going it t en we will mourn
To t at from us t at t ey must part
But let us remember t i pious lectures,
And Blessings broug t on t is parish at large,
T e Saints in Heaven arenow r joiceing,
Since our conversion as ben restore'd,
Let us pray sincerely to the Virgin Mary,
To be our protection now and for evermore,

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