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Prince of Wales nurse

(125) Prince of Wales nurse




You ladies through Great Britain,
give attention to my song",
I will tell you of a circumstance,
and not detain you long;
It is concerning of a lady gay,
who held the royal purse,
She was a female jolly,
and the Prince of Wales's nurse.


So a nursing we will go, we'll go,
a nursing we will go,
"With a bottle of gin all in our hand,
a nursing we will go.

At Clarmont there lived a lady,
who was fond of gin and ales,
And she had a commission
for to nurse the Prince of Wales,
She would dandle him upon her knee,
and lullaby baby sing,
And when his highness went to sleep,
she would take a drop of gin.

This lady dwelt at Esher,
she could brave both storms and gales,
She loved her Queen, a drop of gin,
and the little Prince of Wales.
The Queen into the. nursery,
one day did chance to jump,
And there she found this buxom lady,
rolling, reeling, drunk.

Victoria to the nursery
one day did toddle in,
She found her blooming nurse was drunk,
oh! how she smelt of gin,
The bottle nearly empty was,
she was for gin the worse,
And Queen Victoria out of doors,
soon kick'd her drunken nurse.

Some women they can chatter,
some can gossip, some can sing,
Some can nurse the Prince of Wales
and drink a drop of gin ;
This Esher lady rues the day
as plainly may be seen,
She took the bottle in her hand
for to displease the Queen.

It is well known to rich and poor,
the country up and down,
This lady would a fortune made
of many thousand pounds,
But oh ! at Windsor Castle
this lady was took in,
For Queen Victoria caught her drunk,
by drinking common gin.

You women all take my advice,
while round about you prance,
If you to nurse the Prince of Wales,
should ever get a chance,
Stand by the little blooming boy,
and lullababy sing,
And think upon the Esher nurse,
who drank a bottte of gin.

So now you buxom ladies
I have told this funny tale,
Don't you wish you all could get a chance
to nurse the Prince of Wales,
And if you could so lucky be,
you must not taste a drop,
For you must leave off drinking gin,
and take to ginger pop.

Now Queen Victoria does declare,
no one shall enter in,
Unto the royal nursery,
that is fond of snuff and gin,
Swear against snuff, gin, and beer,
brandy, rum, and ales,
Or you will never have a chance
to nurse the Prince of Wales.

Printed for the Author J. MORGAN, 2, George Court,
              Gt. St. Anne Street, Westminster.

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