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Crime & punishment

Lord F and Alice Lowe

(84) Lord F and Alice Lowe

LORD F. and Alice Lowe.

        Tune,—Nice Young Man.

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YOU ladies all both great and small,
That dwells upon the land.
You have heard about a noble Lord*
A very naughty mar,
Who had a lady Alice Lowe,
Who was kept by him you see,
And because she ran away he hed
Her tried for felony.


Mis. lordship look'd just like a fool.
Which caused a deal of sport,
And when she was acquitted,
They hissed him out of Court,

This ranting roaring buxom Lord,
In Paddington does dwell,
And the Italian boys I do declare,
All knew his Lordship well,
He hired poor Miss Alice Lowe,
To be his Concubine,
And with Jewels rare as you you shall here,
He dressed her out so fine.

His Lordship in her jewels fine.
Miss Alice did adore,
He arrays closely kept her in,
Which caused her to deplore.
He always went to shops himself,
That is as people says.
To buv her gowns and petticoats,
Shifts stockings caps and stays.

He kept her close confined in doors,
By night likewise by day,
At length she took it in her heod,
From him to run away
His Lordship then went raving mad,
And into fits did go,                         
And cried my heart is breaking
For the love of Alice Lowe,

He s'vore poor Alice robbed him
of all his Jewels rare,
His earrings, gowns and petticoats
and dimonds in her hair,
He swore she had tied round her her head,
His twopenny velvet band,
And so he had her advertised,
That naughty naughty man,'

Then Alice apprended was
as I to you will state,
And taken to St. Mary-le-bone
Before the magistrate,
Adolphus made his Lordship grin,
with passion he did shake,
And Alice was to newgate sent.
Her trial for to take

On the last day of October,
People travelled from afar,
To see the innocent Alice Lowe,
To stand before the bar,
When his Lordship gave his evidence,
It caused some fun and sport,
For they groaned and hissed his Lordship
So nicely in the Court.

Then Alice was acquitted,
By the J ury in a trice.
His Lordship swore against her
And the Jury tried her twice,
When the' trial was concluded
and his Lordship out did go
They pellted him with mud and dirt
For the sake of Alice Lowe.

They say this sad affair has near
Disturbed his Lordship's brain,
And on another case we hope,
He will never go again,
He has left his shifts and petticoats,
and jewels in a row
And his heart is nearly breaking
For his charming Alice Lowe.

Paul. Printer, 18, Great St, Andrew
              Street, 7 Lialds

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