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Lines composed on the late accident at Ditton Iron Works

(26) Lines composed on the late accident at Ditton Iron Works

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        Lines Composed on the Late



By which 7 persons lost their life

You feeling christians come list to me,
While I relate a calamity,
That took place at Ditton a few days ago
Plunging several families in grief and woe,

It was on October the sixth day,
Not far from Widnes how sad to say,
At an iron works as you're all aware,
That morn a furnace exploded there.

At breakfast time as it does appear,
Not thinking danger or death so near,
To partake of breakfast they did retire,
But was soon surrounded with liquid fire.

One of the furnaces it did explode,
And before the men could get out of the
                road ;
The red hot iron did them surround,
And four lifeless bodies soon lay on the
Poor Phœbe Hill she alas ! did go
With her father's breakfast that morn, but
                oh !
It was a pity the poor girl was sent,
For she lost her life by this accident.
Some friendly hands they did soon arrive,
To help the sufferers they did nobly strive
But seven poor creatures that fatal day,
Lost their precious life ere they'd time to

There's one poor sufferer tho' still alive.
'Tis very doubtful if he'll survive,
And by this accident it does appear,
He has lost his son and his daughter dear

The liquid iron like a shower of grape,
Come so sudden on them they could not
'Twas truly awful to hear their groans,
While the flesh was roasting from off their

It was a terrible death to die,
And we hope their souls are with God on
And we hope our saviour will soothe and
Their afflicted relatives in their distress.

At the Ditton Iron Works, 7 people they
Lost their tender life ere they,d time to

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