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Infamous grave yard doings at Whitfield chapel

(24) Infamous grave yard doings at Whitfield chapel

The Infamous Grave Yard Doings

Ye pretty maids don't be afraid,
When out at night your stalking,
Of pickaxe, mallets, chislel spade,
While near the grave yard walking,

Your consciences will never say,
you are the guilty party,
While others say, I'm shocked this day,
Respond I'm shocked quite hearty.

Some sixty spades were set to work,
with monuments to grapple,
Nor did the masons chisel shirk
The mandate at the chapel.

what chapel you would boldly ask,
was made the scene of plunder,
where was it that the dirty task,
Of chopping tombs asunder.

'Tis Tottenham-Court as well you know,
The public press informs us,
where navigators made a show,
The fact with anger warms us.

Some seventy resurrectionists,
At ten o'clock at night, sirs,
Began to work with spades and fists,
Apparel'd all in white, sirs,

The minister and trustee's all
were hidden in the chapel,
The shrieks and yells did them appal,
Nor could they with them grapple.
If but the road had stones supplied,
Their heads would have been broken,
As mothers, fathers, widows cried
By the sad act provoken.

Some said that bodies went away,
And every filthy action,
And all this after light of day,
Gave great dissatisfaction.

And while the ground was being dug,
The stench was really awful,
And every navvy had his jug.
To do what was unlawful

when drunk they went to work again,
And hrarowed up the feelings,
The cries of bystanders were vain,
To stay such wicked dealings,

From first to last no sleep obtained,
Could be by any neighbour,
while every honest heart was pained,
By such dishonest labour.

The thousands that were gathererd there,
Could come to no conclusion,
Other then this was most unfair,
Thus to create confusion,

Some say the parson worships God,
But others cry out gammon,
Look on the doors for Schobed,
while thus they worship Mammon,

The graves of whitfields chapel still,
Belong to private people,
Place at the hungry parsons will
The chapel and the steple.

But how about the vaults some cry,
To them there's no admission,
None can go there to witness why
They see the demolation.

The ground in Tottenham-court-road.
No profit now is yeilding
The vaults for wine Vaults will be good
The ground will let for building,

But be advised if your concerned
Have no such desecration,
All building purposes be spurned
Have air and Ventilation.

Robinson Printer Crawford Street

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