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Moses number'd men

  Moses Number'd


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WHEN Moses number'd all this Men and
sat them down to work,
as Noah did in former times when bnilling of
the ark.              (sheathing wood;
With purple curains he did it adorn & beams of
And cherry beams were ove laid to secure the
heathen works,           (lasting law
The Lord wrote oh the tables of stone for ever.
That the children of Israel might be strong and
never stand in awe,
And they did Moses still obey until they all got
And if the rock he had not smote I m sure they
all would die, (old,
The Lord said unto Moses now you are growing
We'll send for Joshua the son of Nun for he's a
man that is bold,                     (fall
He can conduct my children for Jordan's broad
Unio the plains ot Jericho according to my laws
Then Joshua was made a captain according to
God's will,
Over the children of Israel their enemies to kill,
He prayed the sun might not go down nor the
moon shew her light,
Until he conquered his enemies and so he gain'd
From Pisgah's Leight Morses he saw the childrens
promis'd land,
Over many vallies hills and dales from Gilead un
Then Moses according to God's will his life he
did lav down,
And his burying place was so secure it never
yet was found,
Manys the dark and stormy night we bore the
ark along;
All with the children of Israel that they still
might be strong,
Until we came to mount Sinia we kneeled down
to pray,
The Lord shewed us the promised land until the
uttermost day.
All you that wear the scarlet the purple and the
Come join with be in chorus or subjects to
And follow my lovely maid bring the square and
compass along
And if you fall in a Free Masons arms you never
will fall wrong,

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