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Westminster is full of wigs

(17) Westminster is full of wigs

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    Westminster is Full

           OF WIGS

Printed and sold by J Pitts Great st Andrew
                  Street Seven Dials

WESTMINSTER is full of wigs,
Lawyers heads, and briefs and bags,
Lords and Commons, carts and gigs,
Silks and sattins, rogues and rags,
Covent garden Drury Lane,
Pidcock's show is very grand
Piazzas keerr from the rain,
The One Bell f n is in the Strand
                                   Ry tol de rol &c.

Temple Bar is very neat,
Fleet Street's lit with gass at night,
Blackfriars is from Dorset street,
The second turning on the right ;
Ludgate hill you hardly can,
Pass for shops and crowds such store,
St Paul's is just behind Queen Ann,
You never saw the like before
                                   Ry tol de rol &c.

Mansion House, and Change and Bank,
London bridge and Wapping Wall,
Hackney coaches in a rank,
The Monument is very tall,
Pepper-alley Pudding-lane,
And Saftron hill such fragrance yield,
The Thames makes better beer than rain,
The urry's in St. George's field
                                   Ry tol de rol, &c.

Lottery's they never puff
The New-street leads from Carlton house
Lundy Foot sells Irish snuff,
And sailors dearly love lob souse.
Otays for bucks is all the go,
Piccadilly's very long,
Little Fitz is quite a snow
He's very glad you like his song.
                                   Ry tol de rol &c,

Coaches soon will go by steam,
Hodge's gin is very strong.
Full of fu good folks you seem,
And when you're right you can't be wro g
France we visit more and more
Songs is made of doggtel rhyme,
And when you please to call ancore
It means that I must sing three times,

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