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St Pancras prigging overseers

       The St. Pancras


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There was a naughty man,
And if you search through the land,
A bigger rogue you could'nt find sir,
He had some sons and daughters,
And he used to starve the paupers,
And deprive them of their skillegolee.

So they've saught Mr. B.— O dear,
And the people says he feels rather queer,
He will think it rather cruel, when he sips
the water gruel,
Master B—the prigging Overseer.

Billy B,— he cut away,
With the money lack-a-day,
The policeman soon after him did stəer,
They collard him so fine,
Popped him in a Crinoline,
Oh, was not he stunning Overseer,

Fow this miser B,—
You all must allow,
Was-a-very wicked subject, O-dear,
Could it be just we ,
For to all the taxes,
Like the prigging St. Pancras Overseer

He waddles like a duck,
He'll be glad to draw a truck,
Or else go breaking stands it appears,
Besides he must fight coakum,
When he's tearing up the oakum,

When they caught mister B—
He could'nt get away,
Jastice was de erminep him to find
In r nning through the ditches,
In a pair of workhouse brecches,
And the paupers all pelting him behind.

Poor B... must bewail,
They have put him into jail
Where he'll neither get hot dumplings or beer
But he'll have to clean the muck,
Draw about the parish truck,
Mister B-- the prigging Overseer,

It was a dreadful job,
The parish for to rob,
And run away disgraceful, O dear,
They will earn him Old Dau Tucker,
Give him daving stones for supper,
Master B. the prigging Overseer.

And when they brought him back
They his knnckles well did nip,
Soon the pretty blacksmith's daughter did.
Old men began a singing,
While the Womən stood a grinning
They called him the prigging Overseer,

On the mill they'll make him dance
And no more he'll have a chance
Since he acted like a rouge and a sinner
To feed his sons and daughters
By showing of the pacpers
And robbing poor people of their din s.

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