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Barry his four geese & washing tub

Barry his four Geese Washing tub.

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Such funny games upon the Thames,
I'm sure you did see never,
There's Barry in his washing tub,
A driving on the river,
With four geese in harness fine,
Reined up so snug and tidy,
Gee up gee wo along they go,
Upon the Thames on Friday.


Such funny games upon the Thames,
Before you did see never,
Barry drives four geese in a washing tub,
So nicely on the river.

You may understand new four in hand,
To drive he does engage sir,
Gee up gee woe oh what a show,
And I will bet a wager,
Next Tuesday week that he'll complete,
Or I will swallow a donkey,
Will drive along thirteen tom cats,
A Magpie, pig and a donkey.

Some thought to france he would advance,
As I to you will pen then,
With his four geese add washing tub,
To fetch the king of the Frenchmen.

And if he had as sure as mad
He would drive along the king sir,
In his tub and four, twelve mile an ho
From Portsmouth in to Windsor.
Next Monday there w ll be a lark,
Wilson and Twiss so clever,
Are going to drive a team a piece,
So neatly on the river,
Four geese a piece in a wsahing tub,
For a wager I declare sir's,
Then jump upon the geeses backs,
And mount into the air sirs,
To see the Clown they do flock down,
With smiles on every feature,
From Vauxball bridge to westminstere,
Then into the theatre,
See Batty with his four in hand,
In a washing tub so clever,
Along so go, gee up gee wo
So neatly on the river.

        Paul Printer, 18, Great St- Andrew Street,
                        seven Dials.

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