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Little chat

(19) Little chat

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                      Nulli Secundus.

Personal appearance is more aided by a skilful Hair Dresser than by any other Artist.

                 A LITTLE CHAT.

Some Ladies met some Ladies, and a question soon arose.
On whom they could for dressing hair, full confidence repose ?
One mention'd Mr DOUBTFUL, and another Mr. C.,
And a third one said with emphasis, " there 's none like Mr. E."
"Then is it ELLIOTT, whom you mean ?" the youngest Lady said,
For if 't is he, I also think he studies well the head.
And hence it is, on only him, I make a point to call,
Whenever I'm invited to a concert or a ball,
For he displays a certain taste, which any eye can trace
In charmingly developing the beauties of the face."
" Tis he I mean," the Lady said, who mentioned Mr. E.,
" And when we meet at Madam D.'s, his talent we shall see,
For many Ladies I could name who oft assemble there,
Rely on ELLIOT'S skilful taste in setting off their hair,
And though 'tis breach of confidence, some dozens I well know
Who have obtain'd through ELLIOTT'S care, a fond and faithful Beau;
For ev'ry ringlet of the head he curls on such a plan,
As cannot fail to catch the eye of every gentleman!"
At this the Ladies had a laugh, and felt forthwith inclin'd,
To try if ELLIOTT could for them a loving Partner find,
But whether such has been the case, 'tis not for us to say,
Until we have the privilege upon some future day ;
Yet well assur'd are we that those who trust to ELLIOT'S care,
Will be delighted with his style, and fashions for the hair.

               THOMAS ELLIOTT

  Hair Cutter, Hair Grower, Wig Maker, & Perfumer,

First Floor (over the Post-office), 51, Fenchurch Street

  4 doors from Mark Lane, and opposite Ironmongers' Hall.


In a mode exclusively practised by Elliott and his able assistants,
                  men of high standing in the profession.

A clean pair of Elliot's Anti-Scurf Brushes used to each person.

  ELLIOTT'S Feather-weight Wigs, £1 10s.


  The only House in Europe where the short Hairs are removed
                                        after cutting.


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