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Sons & daughters

Father, and mother, and Suke

(44) Father, and mother, and Suke

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Says my father, says he, one day to I,
Thou knowest by false friends we
are undone,
Should my law suit be lost then thy good fortune try
Among our relations in London :
Here's Sukey, the poor orphan child of friend Grist
Who once kept thy father from, starving, ( fist,
When thy fortune thou'st made, thou shall take by the
For a wife, for she's good and deserving :
But mind thee, in heart, this one maxim, Jack
As thou'st read thy good fate in a book,
Make honor thy guide, or else never come back
To father, and mother, and Suke .

2) So I bust Sake & mother, and greatly concern'd,
Off I set, with my father's kind bleſsing ,
To our cousin the wine merchant,where I soon learnt

About mixing, ,and brewing, and preſsing ;
But the sloe juice & ratsbane, & all that ſine joke,
Was soon in my stomach a rising ;
Why dom it ! cry'd I, would you kill the poor folk,
I thought you sold wine and not poison ;
Your place my good cousin won't do for your Jack,
To make your broth get another gueſs cook ,
Besides,without honor, I cannot go back
To father, and mother, and Suke.
3) To my uncle the doctor I next went my ways,
He teach'd me the mystery quickly ,
Of those that were dying to shorten the days,
And they in good health to make sickly ;
O the music of groans ! cry'd my uncle, dear boy ,
Vapours set all my spirits a flowing ;
A fit of the gout makes me dancing for joy,
At an ague I'm all in a glowing ;
Why then my dear uncle, cries I,you're a quack.
For another aſsistant go look ,
For you see without honor I munna go back
To father, and mother, and Suke
4) From my cousin the parson I soon com'd away,
Without either waiting or warning
For he preach'd about soberneſs three times in one day,
And then com'd home drunk the next morning ;
My relation the author stole other men's thoughts ,
My cousin the bookseller sold them ,
My pious old aunt found in innocence faults,
And made virtue blush as she told them ,
So the prospect around me quite dismal and black
Scarcely knowing on which side to look,
I just sav'd my honor, and then I com 'd back
To father, and mother, and Suke.
5) I found them as great as a King on his throne,
The law suit had banish'd all sorrow,
I'm come, said I, father, my honor's my own,
Then thou slhalt have Sukey tomorrow,
But how about London ? it won't do for a clown.
There vice rides with folly behind it ;
Not you see, that I say there's no honor in town,
I only say I could not find it.
If you sent me to starve you found out the right
If live the wrong method you took ;
For I poor went to London ,& poor I'm come back,
To father, and mother, and Suke .

Published 8th 1795 by LAURIE & WHITTLE, No 53 Fleet Street, London.

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