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Popes [sic] trumph [sic] over Garibaldi

(191) Popes [sic] trumph [sic] over Garibaldi

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Rejoice now you faith cl all over the land,
With thank s to k nd beaten the news it is grand,
The King of Sardina the loatbsome old pup,
Forever I think he got fightiug enought,
The man of the Lord they canno abid,
I I ear next they'r going to stop the oceons tide,
They'l have to rise early said poor Nelly Gray,
The creatures canf s e till its far in the day,
Long life to the Pope boys that long may be
All the works of perdition cant taanish his name
To day es victirous & t il I in Rome,
In spite of sardina the victory's his own,

Oh curse'd Victor Immanual has broke tbb treaty
He made with Napolranas plain you may see,
And to k Ganhaldi be dtd by the way,
But ho so nlet him out ,o p'unper nex, day,
Sardina as notGaribaeti now nail'd,
O o bu he Fve ch the trut l reveai,
T l nder the Pope he 'l n ar go again
Eor od Victor Immanuel he's light in be brain

Taee King of Sar ina to and fro be is toss'd,
Our tholsan and more of hs blood hounds he lost
Tho long he nadbosted and said Roam they'd take
But now to their grief they met u sad mistake,
A French Office brave as plain yon may sto,
He said in a momennt to Garibaldi
Your sword or your head be' soon get the soap ,
Nomore Garibaldi will bully the Pope,

The brave Roman soldlers can handle the steel
As wel aye as auy ere e ter d the feil,
Their valour the shrw'd ls well known the otherday.
In ceh f of the Pope boys the soon clear'd the way
In Malbor u h Si Church to meet the other day,
Our liberal heroes the made no delay,
All acted most generous in thisgrdnd apeal
In behalf of Pope may their purse uever fail

Our Iri-o brigade are as willing to day
As everihey ere for to march away,
If wanting again they' the boys to call are,
Their Plnck t snnona they shew'd it before
Si on M Xus is gone an the mouster Voltaire,
The impious N sto ions too he disapear'd,
Their scen oiag against her could not do at all
Thou Peter my oye she out lived then all.

The laith of Saint Patrick they'l neaer do away
No ma ter ho billows may loom now to day
Tho many may ry for to nock her in saves,
In tri m h e surmount each bostirous wave,
Curs'd Victor lma anuel let him mind his crown,
Like a well bea eu cock all his feathers are down,
Sinc he got his mach he has not the p'uck,
Napolean will make him dance Sally come ,

Garabaldi forever indeed is undone
I f ar now for him the rope it is spun,
Its lim now to stop thia arch bit of wag,
I mean Garaba di rhe devils old brag
The brave roman soldiers uo cowardise shewn,
The fought the e like lie ns and true sons our.
to the world that they are no ;
away's be able to d fen lee Pop

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