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Sons of glorious France

(44) Sons of glorious France

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                      SONS OF



The prussians we cast of victorious won by ean on sword &
Bat tell them they're not yet done with the gallant sons of
While a Frenchman lives upon the soil where first he drew hi,
They will for France & liberty.til. he's in the arms of deaty


Then raise your flag of liberty let you watch word be advance
And drive baek your tyrant fees from the glorious land of

At Saurbruek & W l seburg you done your duty well
But m any a gallant camrad. on the batlle field they fell
obly did avenge their idea. h though your lives we re ten
to one
And mids deathly showers O shot & shell you gallantly mar
chedd on

On the 18th day of Aagust a the battle O Sa an
You nobly s ood the press an fire le 4 on by brav MacMahen
Wi h the l ush blood flowing tbrn' is v ins he fought the pr
sions sore
But France to day with deep dismay his loss she does deplre

her's fil y| the ol prusian K ng he is not yet content
He wants three hundred million pound on Paris he is bent
Likewise the lal of the t pench free. t er are his turns of
But six eet of gr nnd b y will g urdy get efcre the war wi

Now France you kno W at to ax ect for the foe is at your
wa ls
Rec v .them well with e ha sep s mitrlle e sal sg
The thousan s o your c mr des now lie in the silent graves
Just let them knew while Cre chn en 'ii lives they never will be

We sincerely wish his horred work was nearly TV at an end
For there's many waves & mothers deari cow le ft without a
And or phans will ave cause t ton t e way the prnsians
did advanced
But they will u the c ay they cross'dt the Ring & fought with
with glorious france

P Brereton Printer -55 COOK Street. Pu lin

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