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Much admired national song entitled O'Donnell abu


      A much admired National Song entitled

            O'DONNELL ABU

           A. D. 1597 BY M. J. M'CANN.

Proudly the notes of trumpet is sounding,
Loudly the war-cry arise on the gale,
Fleetly the steed bv Loc Sulig is bounding.
To join the strong squadrens in Saimears vale,
On every mountainee . stranger to flight & fear
Rush to the standard of dauntless Red Hugh,
Bonnought and Gallowglass throng from each
mountain pass.
On for old Erin O' Donnetl abu .

Princely O'Neil to our aid is advancing,
With many a cheiftain and warrier-clan,
A thousand proud stee ls in his vanguard is
Neath the borders brave from the banks of the
Banns —                  
Many a heart shall quail under its coat of mail,
Deeply the merciless foemin shall rue,
When on his ear shall ring borne on the breeze,
's wing,                                   
Tyrconnell's dread war-cry O'Donnell abu.

Wildly o'er Desmond the war wolf is howling,
Fearless the eagle sweeps over the plain,
The fox in the streets of the city is prowling
All all who would scare them are banished or
Grasp every stalwarth hand hackbut end battle
Pay them all back the deep debt so long due'
Norris and Clifford well can of Tyrconnell tell,
Onward to glory O*E onne.l abu.

Sacred the caase that Clan-Connell's defending
The aliers we kneel at and homes of our sires,
Ruthless the ruin the foe is extending
Midnight is red with he p'm derers fi es,
On with O Donnell then fig it the old fight again
Sens of Fir-Connell all vailiant and true,
Hake the false Saxon feel Erin's avenging steel
Strike for your country O'Donnell abue.

   P. BRERETON, l, Lr, Exchange-Street

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