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End of Covent Garden

(30) End of Covent Garden

The End of Covent Garden

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Poor Covent Garden is gone to pot,
Which darkned every feature,
It came tumbling down nnto the ground,
That royal great theatre
There was the ghost of old king dick,
Which made all classes tremble,
There was Sherridan and many more,
The Ghost of Keene and Kemble.


It was burnt down unto the grouud.
Which darkned every feature,
That awful day it blazed away
Covent Garden Theatre.

Professor Anderson was there,
A man that was respected
It really was a thing that— sir,
Was really not expected.
The people they did run and fret,
And gloomy was each feature
While all their conversation waa,
Covent Garden Theatre.

King Richard's ghost it did appear,
Then so did many more things
There was old queon Ann and old queen Bess,
Besides a many more things,
The Queen so fair did there repair,
And there befere returning,
She went upon the ruins,—when
The whole of it was burning,

The walls of Covent Garden,— they
Was burnt up to a cinder,
While there was all the masquerade,
Jumping through the window,
The wigs and bonnets they dfd fly,
Which darkned every feature.
And people said as we passed by
Behold the poor theatre.

Now it is near fifty years ago,
Since such occured before sirs
Than Covent Garden was hurned down
while many did deplore sirs
Before the days os old King Dick,
which made the tyrants tremble,
Before that Keene alas ! was seen,
But in the days of Kemble

The news did spread Both far and near
Then thousands there did flock sir,
They said old Covent Garden aied,
And dreadful was the shock sirs.
It was burned down unto the ground,
as we alas confesses,
And they had to run when that was done
In all their fancy dresses.

Dever, (late Paul) Printer, 18, Great
      St. Andrew Street, 7 Dials.

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