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Spotted cow

(8) Spotted cow

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            The Spotted


J. Pitts, Printer, and Toy Warehouſe,
6, Great st. Andrew street. 7 dials

ONE morning in the month of May
As from my cot I ſtray d;
Juſt at the dawning of the day,
I met a charming maid.

Good morning, fair maid whether ſaid I
So early tell me now,
The maid reply'd kind ſir, ſhe cry'd,
I've loſt my ſpotted cow.

No more complain no longer mourn,
Your cow's not loſt my dear,
I ſaw her down in yonder barn,
Come love and I'll ſhew you where,

I muſt confeſs you're very kind,
I thank you ſir, ſaid she,
you will be ſure her there to find,
Come ſweetheart, go with me,

Then to the groves we did prepare,
And croſſed the flowery dale,
We bugged and kiſſed each other there
And love was all our, ta e

And in the groves we ſpent the day,
And thought it paſſed too foon,
At night we homeward bent our way
When brightly ſhone the moon.

If I ſhould croſs you flowery dale,
Or go to view the plough,
She comes and calls ye gentle ſwains,
I've loſt my ſpotted cow.

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