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Conversation of old England in 1854

(41) Conversation of old England in 1854

Conversation of Old England

                    IN 1854.

Now what is your opinion of the russians and the
turks ?
Why I think before 'tis finished there will be some
heavy work !
Who do you think will conquer ? the Sultan or the
Well I really think the champion will be 'old
Charley Napier.
And we are all fighting for the freedom of the turks

And what is your opinion of the doings everywhere
Well I think 'twas very pleasant going down to
Greenwich fair ;
There was ups and downs, and ins and outs, and
funny doings there ;
With cocks and breeches, round abouts, and
Nicholas the Bear.

Now do you think in battle Old Napier will ever
flinch ?
No I think he is a bull dog, and a sailor every inch
And if he catches nick the Bear he will stick him
on a pole,
He will pop him in the weasel and stop up his
gully hole.

Have you heard of the great wonders Charley
Napier has done ?
He took five Russian merchantmen and never fired
a gun,
Loaded with ammunition, great guns, powder and
shot ;
And he has sent them to old England—into the
London Docks.

If England should want sailors. what do you think
they'll do ?
Why I thin they'll press the linendrapers, prigs
and barber's too :
They will press the snobs and tailors and coal-
heavers who can work ;
And they'll make them jolly sailors for to go and
help the turks.

And if they can't get men enough, whatever will
be done ?
Why they'll collar every maiden fair that's under
twenty-one ;
And will they get a bounty ? yes, lots of silver riches
With a jacket red, a three cocked hat and a pair
of leather breeches.

And what is your opinion friend of Old L— A—n
Well if he was not silly, why he must be overseen
For if the ships with Lord Dundas had not been
led astray,
There would have been a battle grand, in Rumty
Bumpty Bay.

Have you seen the Royal Albert on the stocks in
Woolwich Town,
Yes, and I admit she is an honour to the Crown
She can carry a two and thirty pounder, that is won-
derful to tell,
All the way from Woolwich Arnenel up into the

Now what is your opinion of the Emperor of the
French ?
Why his army and his navy are gone with good
To assist the English bull dogs and make the
Russians rue,
To make them hollow pepper lads and whistle

Now if we had a Wellington, a Nelson and a
Wolfe ;
Don't you think they'd turn the Russian Bear old
Nick into a Gulph ?
Yes, but Raglan and Napier I think can do the
rig ;
And before they're done, the Russian Bear they'll
turn into a pig.

And when the war is over—friend—how do you
think 'twill be ?
I think we all shall live in peace and see prosperity
The poor folks will be gentlefolkes and live along
in ease ;
The ploughmen will be farmers too ; and do just
as they please.

But if the Russians gain the day and then to Lon-
don comes ;
If they do we'll give them just what Paddy gave
the drum.
With rolling pins and pokers we'll beat their greasy
And with a large ship's cable hang them up at
Aldgate pump.
And they are ail fighting for the freedom of the

J. MARKS, 206, Brick Lane, Whitechapel.
   M. HYAMS, 15, Mint Street, Borough.

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