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Elegies & laments

Elegy on the death of the Duke of Sussex

                  AN ELEGY

On the Death of the Duke of Sussex.

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ld Albion may weep her bright hopes are all
The friend of the people now is no more !
ForSussez's greu Duke by death is enshrouded
His l ss as a friend we must sadly deplore.
ld was his heart tho' high was his station.
reli ved the distress'd without ostentation,
oss will be felt throughout all the nation
For Sussex's great Duke alas, is no more !

Thy orders was great and glory repaid thee,
And brilliant indeed was thy spere ;
Grand Master thou wert & the Masons obeyed
Thy name they will always for ever revere,
Thheir Lodges alas, are now deck'd with
The lamps of their souls has now ceased its
burning,                               (returning,
He's fled to that home whence there's no
For Sussex's great Duke alas, is no more !

AsArtilleryColonel thou thought not of danger
Thy valour so great lay dor ant untried,
Of St James's & Hyde-park bey made thee
the ranger,
With numerous tftles bleas'd was he beside
When merit oppressed—its miserv sketehed,
With a tear in thy eye thy hand forth was
was suetched,
O succour the needy and soiace the wrelched
But now Sussex's Duke alas, is no more !

Institution outnumbered thov bast patroniz'd
For Sussex's great name was so well known
The arts, thou encouraged by thee they were
The spirit that cheered them for ever is gon
The pra ers of the widow thy mild heart has
The orphan with praises thy name has rever'd
And thousands haze blessed thee where'er
thov appear'd,
Now Sussex's great Duke alar, is no more

Then Sussex farewell thou louely art sleeping
For sadly and silent now lies in his tomb,
Tho' friends they may mourn, and thy bride
she is weeping,
Thy laurels for ever in triumph shall bloom
Then slumber in peace with thy glories around
And Fame for thy virtues with gariands has
crowned thee,
The wretched in need, as friend always found
Then Sussex for ever, God rest him,farewell

BIRT, Printer, 39, Great St. Andrew Street,
                Seven Dials, London.

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