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Oyster-shell bonnet and dandy chignon

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Of all the qnee fashions on ever did see
You som sh i hear if yo listen to me
Its of the prond I sees who ramble along,
With a bundle of hair which they cal a Chignon,


Ju ttwig the yo ng l s es a hey walk a
With an oys er-shell b t & dandy Chignon,

Of such comical dresses & om cal ways,
They'd so such idea in my Grandmo ber's days,
They were homely & comely were cleanly along,
With bonnets to h de heir sweet face f o sun."

Billy Snip went to wa'k w'th his sister in-law,
At the back of her head she'd a great bunch of straw
8 e t imed it up neatfy but it came undone.
Aud a young fellow cried Miss you've drop'd your

My wife wears a Chignon says Liverpool Jack,
swear its as big a a soldier's k uapsack.
She gave birth to a daughter last sunday but one,
That was marke'd on the heal with a laides Chiga

I know a young dam e named Mary M'Call,
The other night I wae invite I to go to a ball,
So in order to make her look handsome & fine
She'd a Chignon before & another behind,

There's an old coblers daughter lives over the way,
Said she'd, have a Chignon to make her look gay,
She to mented her fat er & did him so v x,
He made her a Chignon with bristles & wax ,

On sFurday morning young c rre y Peg,
Feil into the gutter & fracture h r leg,
She dirtied her dress & some cow dung got on
Her oyster-shell bennet & drndy Chignon,

Old Mrs Goeasy its true oon my life
The bridge of her nose is as sharp as a knife
She's two bandy legs & she's turn d 81,
Her oyster-shell bonnets & Chignon

Mr. Flash in a dreno 't other ight left her bed,
And in a mistake put the po on her head
O what are you at says h r poor ushand Paul,
Why says she I am trying my new waterfall,

          P. Brereton I Lr Exchange Street Dublin

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