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Jenny Lind and poet B

(25) Jenny Lind and poet B


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                  tune---"luck long"

            E.Hodhes, (FROM PITT'S)
    wholesale Toy & Marble warehouse, 31,
                Dudlay Street, 7 Dials,

OH, what a precious uprear,
Is the Opera world there be,
About this charming Mightingale,
Ust come from Germany,
So as novelty you're found of
Aliho' with short of wind,
In the tune of I trya Long---
I doing of ramous Junny Land.


So take your time Miss Jeany,
Oh, take your time Miss, Kind,
Youre only to relse your vioers
Johu Bell, will raise the wiad,

Oh Jenny she's a wonder,
Every where she goes,
She is got a voice enchanting,
She's got a voice enchanting,
Altho being eyes shine,
And a voice of multi sweetness
To ll ull shine too.
So take your too,

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The poet Bnan of Drury,
The moment he got wind,
Away be flew to Sweedeo,
To cage sweet Jenny Lind,
Like little boy's catch sparrows,
Bunna thought he could'nt full
So he tollk a bag of golden agge,
To spriankle on her tail.

After Jenny sign'd the paper,
She repented what she'd done,
Ane said she must have been u cake,
To be tampled by A, Bunn,
the english tongue she must decline,
It was suck awkward staff,
And we find mongst our darling demes,
To at one tongue's quite enough.

Says Alfreed in the public eye,
My name you shan't degrade,
So birds that can and wont sing
Why in course they must be made,
This put Miss Jenny's pipe out,
Says Bunn your tricks I see,
Althu' you are a Nightengate.
You shan't play lark swtu are.

The Poet said he'd seek the law,
No change away he'd throw,
Says Jenny if you think I'll come,
You'll find it is no got
When a bird catcher named "Lammy"
With independence big,
Ponhced down upon the Nighthoughte,
And with her hop'd the twice.

"When bellow hears shall were mark.
I think it's time sayB--
In sure a moment I nut aek,
That you' I remember tyre"
So this even take the wide,
Miss Jenny at a push,
I now see. One bild in the land
Is worth two in the bush.

So now else here at present,
Miss Jenny aways for own
Altho tries the 'pleasure'
His very certain, Jenny,
Will golden ,
And though
A Gold nch shell return

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