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Elegies & laments

Allans [sic] grave

(46) Allans [sic] grave

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               ALLANS GRAVE

Hh haples Erin cast a glance opon thy raind fall,
Oow often was thy freedom bought Still land of slaves thourt cal
Thou fairest land oe'r all th earth thy sous are truly brave
Let others spenb their hours in mirth weep thou oer Allens grave

-as grave had we to se nor consecrated to be
Aut still h s love of liberty shall all our souls Illum
Who naure blessd abundantly to scorn the name of slaves
So to death the marched triumphantly romsc field to their grave

Such was the justce of the bav at which these three men stood
Crown witnes judge & jury all agreed they s ed the blood
Five condem'd for murder were. but a pardon & reprieve
Left three to ascend that fa al stair from thence unto their grave

From wheac proceeds this mystory it cannot come to good
The pages of our history are s aind with Irish blood
If te rs could vindic te our cause the broad Atlantic wave
Would seem as s reamlets from the tide for tears oe'r Atlantic wave

O Erin may thy sons remain as all your father tree
But oh dont sacrice your lives no dont have caus to he
But send your prayers to him on high who died our soul sabe
A weap oe'r him who has been s t to that untimely grave,

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