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Elegies & laments

Poor Westminster's lament

(44) Poor Westminster's lament

Poor Westminster's Lament.

Oh dear! what a fuss and a bother,
From one end of Westminster into the
other,                   (they'll smother,
The bugs, and the fleas, and the spiders
Poor Westminster they will pull down.
The Almonry now is in sorrow repenting,
Poor Jeffreys Buildings in grief is re-
lenting,                            (menting,
And see Union Court how so sad is la-
Because they are all coming down.
Oh dear ! what can the matter be,
The back slums of Westminster cry they
will shatter we,
We have weather'd all storms and there's
nothing can flatter we,
They will pull us right down to the
New White Street, Dacre Street, now are
in pain, sirs, (Duck Lane, sirs,
Cooper Street, Orchard Street, and poor
Perkins Rents and Duck Yard cry we'll
never again, sirs
Rejoice, for we're all coming down.
There's New and Old Pie Street in agony
shaking,                           (quaking,
The girls are lamenting, the soldiers are
What a row and a rumpus, good lawks,
they are making,
Because they are all coming down.
We have centuries stood and we have
seen mirth and jollity,
So they'll now pull us down to make
squares for the quality,
Our death warrant is signed now you see
in reality,                           (ground.
And they'll pull us right down to the
Now poor Palmer's Village is quite in a
stew you see, (Brewery
Castle Lane, York Street, and old Elliott's
The Broadway and Tothill Street holloa'd
we two must be,
Battered and beat to the ground.
Poor Strutton Ground is in misery baw-
Peter Street too now for mercy is calling,
Cries old Brewer's Green I shall get a good
And so will old Rochester Row.

Greenwich Watermen and Victory.

You Greenwich heroes blythe and gay
Cheer up your spirits, we have gain'd the
the day,
We have struggled against the Company,
And conquered all monopoly.
Sing with a lond huzza we Watermen
gained the day,
We struggled with might to gain our right
And all monopoly conquered ;
Heigho, with a loud huzza,
We Greenwich Watermen gained the day
Since we have shewn our enemies play.
We will go along the river with a loud
A party strove some time ago,
To cause the Watermen grief and woe,
But theGreenwich Watermen stuck you see
A d manfully crushed monopoly.
They thought to embank the Thames
And dig away just sixty feet,
But now alas ! they do confess
They have got themselves into a mess.
When to crush the Watermen they did
They bought the Salutation Inn,
Oppression agreed as we may see,
To struggle with the rogue monopoly.
Now when the news to Greenwich arriv'd
It set the Watermen all alive,
The flags did wave and the band did play
And they buried monopoly in a loud huzza
Poor old Dicky Jobson he looked blue,
And with his pals did not know what to do
Dicky swallowed in the Market Place, oh
fegs,                                        (legs.
A pair of canvass trowsers & seven wooden
The Watermen the Company did defeat,
And old Dicky Jobson has had a pretty
As along to the river with his pals he did go
He cried we are conquered with a ha,
Now all Greenwich Watermen fill up a
To freedom and justice, along let it pass,
We have crushed monopoly with a loud
huzza,                   (gained the day
We jolly Greenwich Watermen have

Printed for the Author, J. MORGAN, 2, George Court, St. Ann Street, Westminster.

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